Consultancy service for scripts, screen plays or films in editing.
As experienced producers and members of numerous commissions in France and abroad, we are renowned for our ability to play an advisory role during these two key stages of the film production process.

Opening doors to funding and assistance
Our knowledge and far-reaching networks constitute a valuable tool in securing the most appropriate funding strategy for specific production and co-production zones.

Executive Production
As a legally and financially independent structure, Méroé films can respond to all requests for film estimates and contracts in an efficient and timely manner and also organise film shoots.

Provision of post-production film services
Based on our solid experience in this field, this service takes into account the specific requirements of both foreign and domestic producers. It is supported by a network of technicians and technical service providers.

Distribution and marketing consultancy
Built on many years of experience of film markets, this service aims to provide assistance in locating and choosing the most suitable partner for each individual project, including festivals, exporters and distributors.