Located in the heart of a Muslim country, The School of Visual Arts in Marrakech (L’Ecole supérieure des arts visuels de Marrakech –ESAV) is not only a film school offering a variety of cinema study programmes, but is also a cultural crossroads, where many people of different backgrounds, religions and traditions intermingle. Within its walls, youngsters from different countries and cultures learn to live together, learn from each other, to accept each other, shrug off stereotypes and prejudices, and most importantly, become themselves.
The ESAV is therefore a microcosm of the world and embodies its contradictions and differences, power struggles and this complexity that drives our constant search to set ourselves on the right path when confronted with both good and evil, religion and radicalisation, love and hate, to such an extent that we sometimes find ourselves losing our way.

Liste technique

Director: Nino Kirtadze

Co-written with Gladys Marciano